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    (44) 7801 979959
    ACHILLEUS DE CRUZ LIMITED - from LONDON, one of Europe's leading exporters and graders of used clothing and used shoes.

    Your one-stop supplier of used shoes and used clothes.

    We are a 100% British Used Shoes - Used Clothing Company based in London, England. Our company ranks amongst the top sellers of used shoes and used clothes in terms of volume in Britain and Europe.

    Our used shoes and clothes are exported to all corners of the world and we specialize in exporting to Africa. We have been in business since 1978, and our quality of used shoes and clothes, attention to detail, integrity, and customer satisfaction gives us one of the highest customer retention rates in the British and European second hand shoes and clothes industry.

    Once selected, the second-hand shoes are neatly placed into sacks which weigh approximately 25-32 kg (depending on our clients' requirements), and these are expertly sealed by sewing machines.

    Our secondhand clothes are baled each separate category per bale so we will unlike some suppliers not mix the categories in the same bale. Our standard bale sizes are 45 and 55 kg but we can also look at non-standard as per customer's request.

    Our goods are ready to be transported to our clients in all over the world. We are one of a handful of uesd Shoes Supplieer in Britain that ships a full 20' to 40' container of used shoes and clothes on a regular basis.

    We deal in the following Grades of Second hand shoes
    • Cream Grade
    • Grade A
    • Grade A/B
    • Grade A/B European /Canadian Trainers
    • Grade A Canadian Trainers
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