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    (44) 7801 979959
    We are one of Europe's leading exporters and graders of used clothing and used shoes.
    Sack Weight

    Our shoes are sorted and graded by our very experienced staff and neatly packed in standard 25KG (50-55 pairs) flat white or clear see-through woven polypropylene sacks.

    We can also pack as per customer requirement. Maximum load per sack is 32KG

    Each bag is carefully stitched sealed. We do not secure with cable ties as this reduces the number of sacks that can be loaded in a container. We try and pack the optimum amount of sacks into a container, ensuring that the customer gets a full load.

    Average Quantity of Shoes per 25kg Sack

    Grade A or Grade A+B shoes: average 50–50 pairs
    15% - 20% Men's
    15% - 20% Kids
    Balance Ladies

    Canadian Trainers (Sports shoes): average 30 - 35 pairs
    95% Men's and Kids
    Balance Ladies

    European Trainers (Sports shoes): average 30 - 35 pairs
    75% to 80% Men's and Kids
    Balance Ladies

    Load per Container

    We load both 20ft and 40ft high cube containers.
    20' container - Average sack count 260
    40' container - Average sack count 630
    The range of sacks per container varies due to the customer requirement. We normally load by hand thus ensuring that the sacks are loaded properly without damage to the shoes. We only load more sacks under instruction from the client.

    Container Capacity - Dimensions for standard containers

    No of sacks can vary as shown above

    Shoes are packed in 25kg polypropylene sacks and carefully stitched and sealed