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    (44) 7801 979959
    We are one of Europe's leading exporters and graders of used clothing and used shoes.
    We have a number of different grades: Creme A+ Used Shoes
    • Are the best condition shoes
    • Latest or timeless fashion
    • Are thoroughly checked for cleanliness and defects
    • Large proportion of unused stock ware
    • Are neatly paired
    • Have many top brand name shoes
    • We pay special attention to sizes & shoe material
    Grade A Used Shoes
    • Are thoroughly checked for cleanliness and defects
    • Are neatly paired
    • Have many top brand name shoes
    • Are used for second hand shops
    Grade A/B Used Shoes
    • Are neatly paired
    • Included in the sack is an even mix of Grade A + B
    Used European Grade A+B Trainers
    Used Canadian Grade A Trainers
    We also provide other categories such as:

    Winter Shoes
    Kids Shoes
    Pakistan Grade
    Vintage Shoes
    Men's Shoes - subject to availability and quantity

    Army Shoes

    Some boots are tough and durable whilst being comfortable and in many cases lightweight.
    Our pictures show just a few of the range we have.
    We supply mixed sizes and just some of our makes are

    • MAGNUM
    • MEINDL
    • WELLCO
    • VIBRAM
    • HAIX
    • LOWA
    • BATES

    Our Minimum orders is 500 Pairs.

    Creme Shoes Kids Shoes Canadian Sports Shoes Shoes are packed in 25kg polypropylene sacks and carefully stitched and sealed